When you're first accepted into American University of the Caribbean, one of your very first thoughts about moving ​is - How do I bring 1304973942783 books on a flight all the way to Sint Maarten (at least that was one of my first thoughts).  Good news, AUC offers an online portal for students to download PDF access to ALL required books.  DO NOT SPEND $500-700+ dollars buying books to bring to AUC your first semester.  This ​is hands down one of the biggest mistakes first semester students take prior to coming to Sint Maarten. There is ONE textbook I recommend buying prior to coming to AUC and it is mentioned at the bottom of this page.
During orientation, you will gain access to the online portal called "Lending Library".  Each of the books is separated by semester.  Every single textbook that is required (and optional) is in that folder.  Each class has several different versions of a variety of different textbooks and other resources which include videos and other students notes.  
I understand some students feel they study better with a physical copy of a textbook and feel they do not study as well with PDF versions.   However, with the new iPad 12 inch it makes the PDF books much more realistic in size.  Although I still like to checkout books from the library, I think instead of using your money to buy books for the island, you should purchase electronics that will improve your study habits (Click here to see my blog on Notes in Medical School). 
If you would still like to still get physical copies of books,  there are many other resources here on the island for you to gain access to physical copies.  First, there is many different Facebook groups where upper semester students sell their used textbooks.  You will gain access to these (and way too many other Facebook groups) once you get through orientation.   The books sold on facebook and by upper semester students are usually cheaper than buying your own texts and you wont have to physically bring books to SXM. There also is a pretty inexpensive way to ship books and items to the island when you get here which includes Amazon (Click here for information on Shipping to AUC).
Another resource you can use, is the AUC library. Most of the books shown in the pictures above I have rented for my 3rd semester courses.  The AUC library allows you to check out as many as 6 books per student.  They offer many different textbooks varying in from author and edition per subject.  Once you found a book suitable for check out, visit the front desk where they will quickly put in your name and student information and confirm checkout.  The book is usually checked out for one week, but you are able to quickly renew your books online.  When your books are due, the Library Staff will send you an email asking you to return rented books or renew books online.  You can also renew in person, but this can be a huge waste of time ( ain't nobody got time for that ). 
Renewing books online is an easy process. Follow the steps below:
1.  Go to the library website (Click here)
2.  Login with the first letter of your first name and last name with your D number as the password
3.  Click on the tab "Items out" 
4.  Click "Select all" and then "Renew Selected"
You are able to renew your books an entire semester (as long as you always wait for the email). If you renew your books a few days early every single time, you will have to go to the library renew your books near the end of the semester.  When you have hit the maximum number of renew (15), the Library will email you to return books to the library. 
Recommended Textbooks to Purchase:
Netters Anatomy Flashcards
First Aid
Some of the textbooks I do believe are important in purchasing for first semester students is Netters Anatomy Flashcards and the First Aid book.  Netters Anatomy Flashcards (click here) will help you with Anatomy in your first semester cadaver lab and with in class exercises.  Since these are small, they make it easy to transport to and from class.  There are also a couple of iPad apps that will give you some of the same benefits - including Essential Anatomy 5 ($20.00 in the app Store).
First Aid
First Aid (click here) is extremely important for you to purchase your first semester of Medical School, no matter if you're going to AUC or any other medical school. First Aid will help you organize your thoughts daily after every single class and always keep STEP 1 a number one priority. I recommend buying this book to ALL first semester students and recommend using it every week to summarize what you have learned in all of your classes.  Add notes to the margins and post its in the pages.  Then once you're done with basic sciences and read to review for STEP 1 this book can be your greatest resource. 
Hopefully this helps! Feel free to leave a comment or private message me on my home page if you have any other questions.