Applying to Caribbean Medical School

They are...

1. American University of the Caribbean (AUC)

2. Ross University

3. SABA University

4. St. Georges University (SGU)

If you are accepted or apply to any school other than the "big four" then they're not fully accredited. All four of these schools receive financial aid and are recognized for federal loans using FASFA.

After researching all four of these schools I began to look into the comparison between the "Big Four".

St. Georges University (SGU)

Location: Grenada

Tuition: 254,799

Class size: 400

Drop out rate: 10%

USMLE Step 1: 96% Pass rate

Rotations: 70+ Locations

American University of the Caribbean

Location: Sint Maarten

Tuition: 215,469

Class size: 100-200

Drop out rate: 13%

USMLE Step 1: 93%

Rotations: 29+ Locations

Residency Match: 88.5%

Ross University

Location: Dominica

Tuition: 213,250

Class Size: 400-600

Drop out Rate: 50%

USMLE Step 1: 97%

Rotations: 24+ Locations

Residency Match: 86%

Saba University

Location: Saba Tuition: 171,750

Class Size: 90-150

Drop out rate: 50%

Rotations: (Mostly East Coast) 20+

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