What to bring to Miramar?

Moving to Miramar for the MERP program can be stressful. Make sure when you pack for Miramar you're packing most of the clothing items you will use on the island. This can impact how much clothes you will be bringing. I suggest bringing only the essentials in one large suitcase and a carry on bag. Then using amazon prime for random necessities and ship these things prior to arrival so everything you need will be at your apartment when you arrive. Once you're done with the program, ship the things you bought and need for the island.

Things to bring to Miramar:

  • Business casual attire

  • Laptop or IPad

  • Sweatshirts and sweatpants (it's freezing in class)

  • Bathing suits

  • Bathroom essentials

  • Netters Anatomy Flashcards

The Netter's Anatomy Flashcards are not required by the program. BUT if you have never taken anatomy before these are essential. They really help you understand origin, insertion, action, and innervation which can save you for anatomy.

  • Buy PDF anatomy book - you will only need this for reference and blue boxes

Things to buy once you arrive to Miramar:

  • Small white board

  • Printer paper and large binder

  • Basic school supplies - pens, pencils, post its

  • Toiletries

  • Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion, Sunblock, Toothpaste, ect. (this will just weigh down your suitcase)

Things MERP provides:

  • 4 essential books: Physiology, Anatomy, Immunology, and Biochemistry

  • USB stick with grade calculator and PDF of all four books

  • Net Anatomy - Online Anatomy with CT, X-Ray, Scans exc.

This is really all you NEED to make it through the program.


A car really isn't completely necessary to bring to MERP. It is really easy to get around using Lyft and Uber around school especially if you end up living in the recommended housing - which is usually within 5 miles. Many of the people living in your complex (or maybe even your roommates) will bring a car to the program. If you do plan on renting a car, I know Hertz and Enterprise offer a discount to MERP students. Sometimes these discounts can change, and if you book early enough car rentals can be fairly cheap. I know one girl in my class said that Hertz rental car was only $450 a month. This is INCREDIBLY cheap, so if you can find this deal then it is a steal. Take into consideration that these companies will also want to charge you for insurance, taxes, exc. and it ends up being a lot more than you're first quoted.

I personally did not bring a car and it ended up being VERY easy to get around. In the beginning of the program, my roommate offered to drive me and my other roommate to and from school. This started out great… but since my roommate and I ended up not getting along I started using Uber and Lyft to and from school. From the Villago Apartment complex Lyft and Uber is about $6-8. Since I was splitting with my other roommate, it ended up being extremely cheap.

A little bit more into the semester, I met a 2 other friends in my complex which ended up giving my roommate and me a ride every morning to and from school. I actually ended up becoming really great friends with both of them. This ended up being really convenient. Since we relied on each other so heavily to get us to and from school it held everyone accountable to be on time and make it to each and every class.

Car Costs Breakdown:

Shipping Car: $1,700-2,000 -- shipping to and from Miramar

This can be cheaper depending on where you are shipping your car from. These costs are based off of Chicago and California rates. You can bid with different companies and get this cheaper sometimes. This was way too much work for me.

Rental Car per month: $700-1200

Many of these rates start off cheap and then get more expensive due to insurance and tax. They also have tons of other fees that can sometimes make the this option pretty pricy

Uber Monthly: $240-$275

This is based off of if you're in close proximity and you are traveling alone to and from school and with one trip to the grocery store every weekend. If you end up finding someone to split costs it can be much cheaper than this. I ended up spending maybe $50 dollars per month on uber since my friends would usually give me a ride to and from school and to the grocery store.

Take into consideration that people who live in Florida are the WORST DRIVERS ON THE PLANET. That isn't even an exaggeration. I rented a car for a couple days when my boyfriend came to visit and could not believe how many times we ALMOST got hit. People in Miramar are either driving 100 mph or 40mph there is no in between. During orientation, they kept saying this and I didn’t believe anyone until we started seeing how many accidents each and everyday around the school.

Good Luck!

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