Dominican Housing

When I was first accepted to Dominican University in Chicago, I was living in Sacramento, CA. I had one month to find housing before school started in August 2016. After searching for apartments around the campus, I realized there was not many apartments for rent that were fully furnished and near the campus. Since I was moving to Illinois from California, I knew I could not move my furniture across the country for only one year. I decided to move into on-campus housing which was located one mile from the actual campus at the Dominican University Priory Campus. Many of the post bacc students in my program also decided to do on-campus housing in the dorms at Dominican University.

On Campus Housing

The housing on campus.... is OKAY at best.


Most of the students living in the dorm rooms with "attached" bathrooms are post bacc students. The rooms are furnished with a twin sized bed, desk, and dresser. Many of your classmates will be near you in the halls. You don't HAVE to bring your car. You are able to take the shuttle to and from school and everything else is accessible by Uber or Lyft. You don't have to worry about cooking because you can eat on campus with the meal plan provided with your dorm room. There is a cafeteria where you can get full meals with your "swipes". The cafeteria menu changes everyday and is open 7 days a week. There is also a deli called Cyber Cafe where there are sandwiches, chips, soup, sushi, poke bowls (surprisingly really good), and Starbucks which are also used with your "swipes".


The dorm rooms are very small. My room was known as one of the largest which was located at the end of the hall. You are living with freshman, so that comes with obvious problems. There is very little storage in the dorm room (who needs space anyways). There are inspections to your dorm room's during the breaks. Make sure you listen to check in and check out procedures because they will charge you hundreds of dollars for checking out wrong. You are not allowed to stay during break unless you pay additional fee's. There is NOT any type of cafeteria or Cyber Cafe located at Aquinas Hall where you will be staying. The rooms and meal plan is VERY expensive. For me, not having a kitchen and being able to cook was the biggest problems with the dorm rooms. After living on my own for a long time, this was not an easy transition. If you're used to eating health it isn't very easy to eat healthy at the cafeteria, but the deli makes it a little easier. The fire alarms go off frequently.

If I could change my living situation while living at Dominican University.. I would have rented an apartment in the area. There are many apartments in the area that are much more reasonably priced than the dorm rooms. Although living in the dorm rooms made it easier for me to meet many of my classmates.. most of my friends lived off campus AND they paid much less than I did.

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