I was "MERPed"

I began my Caribbean Med-School application by applying to 3 different schools - American University of the Caribbean (AUC), Ross University, and University of Medical Health Sciences St. Kitts (UMHS). After having my interview for all three schools, I was accepted into all three Caribbean medical schools. Although... I was "MERPed" at AUC. MERP stands for Medical Education Readiness Program which starts off in Miramar, FL and then moves to the island of St. Maarten. After further questioning which school would be best for me, I found a few websites which helped me narrow down my choices. Ultimately, I knew I wanted to practice in California. I found out many Caribbean medical schools that state they're approved in the United States are only approved in a few states.

The "Big Four Schools" mentioned in my previous blog are...

1. American University of the Caribbean (AUC)

2. Ross University


4. St. Georges University (SGU)

The "Big Four" schools are fully accredited in the United States and receive Federal Aid with FASFA. All of the other Caribbean schools are NOT fully accredited. If you want to go a different school then listed, make sure your Caribbean medical school is accredited in the state you want to work.

After looking over my options, I ultimately chose American University of the Caribbean. Before choosing your Caribbean medical school, make sure to do a TON of research - search blogs, websites, youtube - whatever you can just to make sure you have all the facts. Too many students get to "the island" and realize it is NOTHING like what they had expected.

PS: Everyone going to Caribbean medical school refers to whatever school they are going to "the island". Honestly, just reminds me of an episode of Lost.

After my interview with AUC, I feel like I had the greatest connection with faculty and I believe the MERP program would ultimately help my study habits once I was on "the island". Even though I just finished a post baccalaureate program, I feel like the MERP program would be the best way to "test my skills" and make the adjustment to the island much easier.

I will be moving to Miramar, Florida to begin "Semester 0" of the MERP program of AUC. So far, I know the program is a 15 week program. You have to have a 70% or higher in order to "graduate" to the island. If you do not pass, you are then given your money back. The program costs approximately 11,700 without insurance. Orientation in Florida is in 3 weeks, better get to searching for housing...

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