Shipping to Sint Maarten

When I first moved to Sint Maarten, I realized that many of the things I was used to having in the United States did not exist in Sint Maarten.  Some of these things include Amazon Prime and large department stores like Walmart or Target. My intial reaction was I was going to have to compromise and not have some of the thing that I love.  I was completely WRONG.  Average shipping to the Sint Maarten from UPS or FedEx is anywhere from $70-$300 dollars and will take anywhere from 1-2 months to even get to Sint Maarten (WOW, no thanks).  This was way too expensive and way too long for me.  Before I figured out these options, my mom send me an Easter basket that took until the end of May to get (lets laugh together).
There are two options that allow you to ship to and from the island that is much cheaper than UPS and FedEx.  These options are...
The Mailbox
Four Star Cargo
Once you get to the island and have orientation, there is a person who sits out the Auditorium in Building 2 with a table every Friday around Noon.  If you would like to set up an account, they charge a $100-$120 dollar fee to start your account.  Then it is a set price (around $15-$30) to ship to and from the island.  Some students use this option, but I personally think that Four Star Cargo is much more efficient, faster, and is much cheaper in the long run (due to no activation fee).   The mailbox seems to be more efficient if you're getting mail on a regular basis rather than sending packages from the States. 
Four Star Cargo
Once you know what your address is going to be on the island, you can register for an account.  First, go to there website and click on register. Click here to go to website.  Make sure to write in the comments section you would like the package to be delivered to AUC.  I also recommend that you always send the package via "air" shipping.  Shipping by boat will take much longer and actually isn't much cheaper.  As long as you aren't sending heavy items, "air" shipping is much quicker and about the same price.  
After registering online, the company will send you a follow up email in 24-48 hours on a normal business day stating your account is ready to log in. They will provide you with information on how to ship items to Sint Maarten and how to use the "Booking tab".
NOW, your account is ready for use.  It is that easy...  and there are NO fees. 
When you are ready to purchase online products make sure to ship all items to Four Star Cargo in Miami.  Their address is 
Four Star Cargo Inc. 
7640 NW 63rd St. 
Miami Fl, 33195
When have purchased your items and have a tracking number from the company, log onto the Four Star Cargo site with your username and password created when you registered.  Then click on "Bookings" tab. Fill out as much of the information that you have from the company you purchased items from.  If you don't have ALL of the information, that is okay.  They only really need the name of the company your purchased from, tracking number, and insurance amount (if you want insurance).  You do not HAVE to upload a receipt or any form of payment from the company you purchased the items from. 
When your package arrives to Four Star Cargo, they will send you a confirmation email within a couple hours and will let you know the estimated time of arrival of your package and how much it will cost to ship the package to you. Four Star Cargo usually flies planes to Sint Maarten twice a week - Tuesday and Friday (and you must have the package to their facility by 3pm the previous day).  Shipping cost depends on the size of the package and the weight.  The website offers you a "Quote Calculator" if you are concerned on how much the package will cost.  Click here to go to calculator.  Usually for one package it is around $15-$30 US dollars. I have noticed that the weight does not change the price as much as the dimensions do.  If you send packages like clothing in a plastic shipment, it seems to be cheaper than a box shipment.   I suggest using PayPal to purchase shipment prior to the package arriving to the Sint Maarten in the link provided by the email from Four Star Cargo. If you do not wish to use PayPal and you would like to pay cash, you must go to the airport to pick up your package.  It seems to be much more complicated to go to the airport, then to just pay online.  
If you forget to do a "Booking" receipt prior to the package arriving to Four Star in Miami, they will send you an email asking you to reply with the insurance amount of the package they received.  Then will then send an additional email like what was stated above. 
When the package has arrived to Sint Maarten, they will send you another email saying it has made it safely to the island. Once you receive this email, call the number provided in the email and ask them to drop off the package at AUC.  They will drop off the package anytime before 3pm.  When they drop off the package, the school will send you an "You Got Mail" email from the Student Center.  The Student Center is open from 8am-3pm and you must show your student ID to pick up your package. 
To ship with Four Star Cargo is hands down the easiest and most efficient way to get mail or packages to the island. You can practically order anything in the States and ship to Sint Maarten for a very reasonable cost.