Flushing Hospital, New York

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Hospital First Day 

  • Vanessa is the student coordinator for all rotations here. She is an absolute angel

  • She will email you before your rotation. Complete all sheets she sends you and return it to her 

  • She will email you about an orientation for new students which will have the location and time where to go. Mine was at 8am in the auditorium. 

  • She gives you the rundown of the hospital, a walking tour, tells you how to set up your badge, and log into epic (the computer used at the hospital). 

  • She said if we have any problem with anything or anyone, swing by her office or email her and she could help (which she did!)

  • Probably the best person to have ease your nerves the first day moving from basic sciences to clinicals 

  • Wear your white coat and professional attire, bring a backpack with your stuff (snacks, water, pens etc)  

  • She drops you off to the department you are going to after orientation

  • Expect to actually see patients your first day (with an attending or resident with you)

Hospital Accommodations 

  • Flushing hospital only has one location (not multiple sites to travel)

  • Parking is available for pay (I think it’s $6/day). There are also some places to park on neighboring streets if you can find a spot

  • Most people use public transportation or walk

  • The 66 (or 65 sorry) bus literally lets you off right in front of the hospital and comes every 5-10 minutes. Highly recommend it 

  • Food- a buffet style lunch is provided for each rotation for students and residents. There is also a cafeteria if you don’t like what is being served. 

Hospital Attendance

  • You get the DAY of a US holiday off ONLY. 

  • This is probably my biggest complaint. It was really hard not being able to see family during the holidays if they live out of state (which mine do). 

  • Holidays are the only day’s off you get. It depends on the specialty but it’s good to let someone know ahead of time if you have to miss 

  • Tell Vanessa she will work with you and see if the people in your rotation will be okay with it beforehand if you are nervous to ask.  Most attendings are nice enough about it. 

Living in Flushing 

  • #1PRO- super super safe! 

  • #1 CON- everything else possible

  • They call flushing the real china town of new york for a reason

  • All the signs are not in english….the streets are more crowded than the lines at disney..and if you want to know what the mall looks like just go to Target on black friday. That is flushing. 

  • I really didn’t like it when I lived there because of the lack of diversity. I found it difficult trying restaurants when I couldn't read the   language of the signs. 

  • The grocery marts around do not have freezers, they leave their fish over ice which makes the whole market smell disgusting

  • I used shipt for grocery delivery from Target (bless those people who went for me) and it worked out pretty well!

  • Food delivery from grubhub, uber eats had some really good italian places and things like that

  • Gym’s were limited, but my roommate and I joined Luicelle’s gym close to the hospital (10 minute walk-but only for girls). We tried    the YMCA but it was $80/month and CROWDED

  • My roommate and I used airbnb and found a great place that was an 8 minute walk from the hospital 

  • I know of horror stories from students who got an apartment that was infested with roaches and the landlord said “that’s just new york”.... That is not just new york.. And make sure you at least get a video of the place before you agree to anything. She lost her deposit when she moved out. 

Good Luck on your rotation, 
Madeline Bruman, MS3

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