Community Action Day

Once of the most impressive things about American University of Caribbean (AUC) is their dedication to community service. AUC is dedicated to developing physicians with a lifelong commitment to public health and community service.  Every semester, AUC students and faculty participate in Community Action Day around Sint Maarten. This allows students to give back to their community through events focused on education, health, animal welfare, and environmental awareness.  
During the Winter 2018 semester, Community Action Day had many events which included: 
- HIV Screening
- Diabetic Screening
- ICan Games/Activities with Children from Foster homes 
- Ideal Nursery School cleanup 
- Mullet Beach Cleanup
- Britannia Cleanup and Construction
- Phillipsburg Library - AUC students present lessons to other students
- St Maarten little league - reading, math, science, exercise and play 
- Tzu Chi Foundation Cleanup
- Guana Bay Hike/Cleanup
- White and Yellow Cross engage with elderly patients in activities 
- St Maarten museum volunteer with reinstallation of exhibits
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Over 100 students and faculty participated in Community Action Day.  That morning we met in the Cafeteria and were greeted by the Community Action committee. We signed up, grabbed a free t-shirt provided by AUC, and ate breakfast.  Shortly after, a shuttle picked up several groups to bring them to their desired event.  Many different events took place throughout the entire day. 
Within my group were around 30 AUC students and faculty. We made our way to the buses and endured a 45 minute bus ride to Guana bay.  Upon arrival to Guana Bay, we were given gloves and trash bags.  We then began our hike to the desired destination.  Once we hiked to the area that was needed to be cleaned up we started cleaning up the beaches which were infested with caps, bottles, rope, string, and many many many more random items. 
After picking up lots of garbage, we each hiked back with a large bag of trash.  After loading up the truck with trash bags, we hoped back in our taxis and made our way back to campus.  In the end, it ended up being an amazing experience. 
Throughout the day, there were many different students who did many different events.  Although there seemed to be one reoccurring theme, everyone truly enjoyed Community Action Day and helping out the people and our beautiful community of Sint Maarten.