As future physicians, many students know the importance of exercise and its effects on the mind and body. Most students are very passionate about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and this means knowing what equipment and classes are available at the gym at AUC. 
The AUC gym is located on the second floor of Building One across from the cafeteria and is open 24/7. There are two separate rooms located inside the gym.  One room is designated for weights with cardio equipment off to the side.  The second room is a studio gym class which offers several classes daily.  A list of these classes are posted outside the room for the semester.  When there are no classes in the studio, you are allowed to workout there as well.  There is a speaker at the front of the weight room that has an auxiliary cord where students can connect and listen to any music they like (take into consideration the people around you for the appropriate music types).  There are several attachments to many of the different equipment throughout the gym to optimize your workout.  Central A/C is located inside the gym and for the most part stays at a very cool temperature throughout the day.  Spouses and significant others can also use the gym at any time.  
AUC is currently in the process of ordering new gym equipment and will have new equipment hopefully for the next semester (May 2018). 

Tropics MD